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Stainless steel kitchen whips

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How can one’s use kitchen whisks ?

Kitchen whips for catering are essential tools for professional kitchens. Ideal to blend pastries or confections, sauces, mash …  Professional kitchen whisks allow to blend while preventing the creation of lumps. This major pastry tool is very important for restaurants and hotels, to enable them to create their own home-made desserts or pastries for breakfast buffets.

To blend or beat your preparations, discover the stainless steel kitchen whips available on Buffet-Plus. The wires are in stainless steel, which guarantees that the device will keep its original round shape for a long time.

The characteristics of kitchen whips on Buffet-Plus

Stainless steel provides strength to the whisks, it is also a dishwasher-safe material, which makes it easier to maintain catering whisks. The handle of the whips is made of polypropylene, an insulating material that makes it easier to use the kitchen utensil. The handle is also hollow, in order to be able to hang the CHR whips on the walls.

Also discover the XXL kitchen whisk model. This 1.25 meter long whisk can be used to cook in large containers. The giant food whip is recommended for town halls, event organizers, caterers or food companies. Catering establishments can also use the Buffet-Plus giant whisk to blend large amounts of food.