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Waiter's corkscrew

Waiter's corkscrew for professionals catering.

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Why choosing a waiter’s corkscrew ?

The corkscrew is the essential service accessory for bars and catering. It assures to open wine bottle and can also open bottle with caps, as biere bottles, sodas, or lemonade. Usually we can find on this accessory a small retractable blade, ideal to remove the seal surrounding wine bottle cap.

These barman accessories are very convenient, as they are small and don’t take much place. Indeed, they can be easily stored in a drawer or a pocket. However, the waiter’s corkscrew can also be a decorative element in your bar. Some item are more designed than other.

It is also important to notice that these bar and service accessories for catering are very affordable. Their price is very attractive.

The corkscrew is very handly and more functional than a classic bottle opener. Also, it must be favor, regardingits numerous properties. On Buffet-plus, you will surely find the accessory that fit to your needs.

The designs available on Buffet-Plus

On Buffet-Plus, your will find the waiter’s corkscrew that fits you. The designs available have a Teflon coil and an stainless steel blade, two materials that are particularly strong, and provide to the item a long life time. In order to complete the use of the corkscrew, you will also find a bottle cap holder. Essential, this one can be fixed on a the wall and can be used with a classic waiter’s corkscrew or with a wall bottle cap opener, also available on Buffet-Plus. In 100% steel, it is very resistant and convenient to use. On the other hand, it doesn’t allow to decap bottes of wine.

You will also find bottle cap opener in stainless steel; very resistant they do not suffer corrosion are easy to clean, dishwasher poroof, and very aesthetic.

Finally, on Buffet-Plus you can opt for a set for cocktail, with 5 items within. These five are a bottle cap opener, a julep strainer, an ice tong, a knife and a rack. All of this in high quality stainless steel. It represent the most essential accessories for barmens, and enable them to create easily any drink. Also, it is dishwasher proof.