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Self-service trays on Buffet-Plus

Self-service trays are an essential catering equipment for retaurant, fast-foods or cafeterias. On Buffet-Plus, many sizes are available. Also, you can select the one that  fit your needs and expectations. Make your choice among the different colors available.

The products available on Buffet-Plus have the particularity to be resistant, recyclable and microwave proof. Handy, they are also covered with a natural rubber non-slip coat. The self-service trays are useful in selfs, fast-foods as well as in hotels and restaurants.

Among the trays available on Buffet-Plus, you will also find the cheese tray, declined in several models. Opt, fo example, for a wooden cutting board, a cheese curler are even glass covers, especially elegant and aesthetic.

No matter the way you wish to use the displaying trays for catering, you will find on Buffet-Plus the equipmentthat fit your needs, in the appropriate dimensions and color.


The rotating trays

The range of rotating trays available on Buffet-Plus have been think to answer the needs of breweries, hotels and restaurants, to provide them with equipments which showcase pastries and other food.

They are available in every style and in many different dimensions. Buffet-Plus had chosen high quality materials, like stainless steel, natural slate or melamine that create resistant and healthy products, hygienic and convenient. You are looking for a tray that is dishwasher proof? In that case, you may choose the stainless steel or melamine tray. On the other hand, if the aesthetics of the product is a greater matter for you, you may choose the natural slate, very elegant and chic. It allows you to create a modern presentation, with quality products. Besides, the rotating trays for catering provide a efficient maintaining of the cool temperature.

They can be use aslo to serve in room or for buffet presentation. Rotating trays are there equally convenient, they make the service easier and provide a significant time saving. Professionals of catering, don’t waste the opportunity!