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The different uses of kitchen tongs

Professional kitchen tongs are perfectly adapted to catering. Indeed, we can use them conveniently in kitchen, to set up dishes and desserts. But these kitchen tools can also be used on self-service buffets, to allow the consumers to serve themselves dishes easily.

Among the wide range of catering kitchen tongs, discover for example the multipurpose serving tongs like salad tongs, in stainless steel or plastic matter, or the bread and pastry tongs. Most specialized item are also available, like the monobloc spaghetti tong in stainless steel.

Some items of tong are in stainless steel. This material has many advantages regarding the field of catering. First of all, it is highly resistant to shocks, which makes the equipment easy to store and assures them a long life, despite an intensive use. Besides, stainless steel professional kitchen tools are easy to clean and dishwasher proof.

Types of kitchen tongs available on Buffet-Plus

Most of the tongs have a special design, especially dedicated to one precise type of use, before choosing a professional kitchen tong, you have to know which use it corresponds to.

  • Kitchen tweezer tong: This utensil is used by cook to set up dishes or for delicate moves. If you want to give a professional look to your pastries and impressive dishes? The kitchen tweezer tong is a catering tool perfectly adapted to your needs. Made in stainless steel, the kitchen tweezer is strong with a brilliant look and has a non-slip coated handle.
  • Pastry tong: discover our wide range of perforated pastry tongs in stainless steel, made for catering. These tongs have a special shape, especially adapted for taking, holding and serving pieces of cake or pie. Cakes and pies tongs have large handle, to be easier to use, and are perfectly adapted to be used on self-service buffets. The non-perforated catering tongs can be used as bread or pastry tongs, and they are often used on hotel’s breakfast buffets.
  • Lobster cracker: As indicated by the name, this catering tong is especially adapted for cutting and shell lobster or shellfish. Besides its unique design, the lobster cracker for catering is also very light, as it is made in aluminum.