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Stand for wine bucket

Stand for wine / champagne bowl, Champagne bucket table holder.

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A prestigious accessory

Do you have a prestigious establishment in the restaurant or hotel industry? To highlight the drinks you serve, choose champagne bucket holders. On Buffet-Plus, you will find different stands for champagne and wine buckets.

These devices are designed to raise the champagne bucket in which the bottles are stored to keep them cool. This way, the bottles will be accessible and visible by the guests, without taking place on the table. This allows maximum space to be left, and also brings an extra touch of elegance.

Compatible with champagne bucket holders, discover our range of stainless steel and acrylic champagne buckets and bowls.

Choosing the right wine bucket stand

Two types of holders for champagne buckets and bowls are available on Buffet-Plus. Choose between the two according to your needs.

  • Designed stainless steel bucket stand: This stand consists of a stainless steel base, cylinder and platform. This silver plated stainless steel champagne bucket stand is ideal for use in professional restaurants or hotels. The bucket settles directly on the raised platform, and does not risk falling. The height of the supports is up to 73 cm. They are compatible with several models of champagne buckets or bowls since the diameter of the platform is 17.5 cm. The floor-standing bucket holders are delivered ready to install.
  • Table bucket holder: This model is equipped with a chrome-plated wire holder, provided with a hook, which hangs on the edge of the table. The champagne bucket can then be placed on top. It allows you to add space to the table while keeping the bottles handy for guests. More accessible, this device remains elegant, with its bright chrome finish. The chrome wire table stands for champagne buckets are also compatible with several bucket models since their diameter is 18 cm.