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Stainless steel

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The advantages of stainless steel for catering activities.

The specifications of stainless steel make this material a product to favor for all your accessories and professional equipments of restoration.

  • Stainless steel, a resistant material to extreme temperatures: Indeed, it remains stable before warmth. Up to 300C° (572F°), it doesn’t suffer any distortion. Besides, it can bear the variation of temperature and can even be store in a cold room.
  • Stainless steel is hygienic: most of the stainless steel products available on Buffet-Plus are dishwasher proof. Let’s also precise that taking care of this material is very simple. Besides, it does not suffer the multiplication of micro-organism, responsible for food poisoning. Thus stainless steel is totally secure.
  • A material resistant to shocks: It doesn’t require much precaution in its handling and is resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel products available on Buffet-Plus

  • Tableware and cutleries: on Buffet-Plus, you will find plates, cutleries, dishes and other bowls in stainless steel; to embellish tables or for cooking use. This material is particularly aesthetic, which is why it is present in the area of art in entertaining.
  • GN containers in stainless steel: essential for all the catering professionals, the GN containers in stainless steel allows one to store food, freeze it, cook it or assure they are handled in the best possible conditions. This convenient accessory also can be used in refrigerated showcases, shelves or refrigerators.
  • Buffet and services: Buffet-Plus proposes a wide selection of chafing dish in stainless steel with burnings, induction or electric. Necessary to keep warm cooked dishes offered on a buffet, these equipments allow your customers to serve themselves easily. The cold buffet in stainless steel also available on Buffet-Plus. This device keeps food cold and showcases it. Discover also the juice and milk dispensers, to set a breakfast buffet adapted to your customer’s needs, as well as a range of service trolleys.
  • Miscellaneous: >Tea ball, egg holders, gravy boats, skewers holders, carafe or even ice cream scoop, stainless steel accessories for cooking, buffet and service are numerous on Buffet-Plus, your supplier in stainless steel equipments for catering.