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Stainless steel GN containers

Stainless steel GN containers, all heights and sizes.

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The stainless steel GN container; essential in a professional’s kitchen

The stainless steel GN containers are part of the essential materials for professionals of catering as they are multipurpose. Indeed, GN containers can be used for storage of food, cooking, baking, but also transportation of freezing. All of this is made possible by the many stainless steel properties. Besides, they can also find a use in refrigerated showcases, trolleys or any over type of shelving.

The GN containers for catering answer to precise European norms on dimensions, allowing professionals to optimize place and and compatible equipments. This standardization makes also the exchange of containers and the treatments of food easier.

The most common size available is the GN 1/1, adapted for oven baking, storage on shelves or in refrigerated showcases. The other containers, taller or smaller, are multiple of the GN 1/1 size. Also, to make the best choice for your next GN container in stainless steel for catering, it is important to picture your needs first.

On Buffet-Plus, you will also find accessories provided with hooks to be fixed on service trolleys, or perforated. All of them are stackable and dishwasher proof.

Stainless steel, a favorable material :

The GN container present many variable advantages and can be considered for multiple uses. This material is convenient because it doesn’t require lot of time to clean; it is dishwasher proof, and will make you save time.

The stainless steel GN container can also be used to cook food, as it is resistant to high temperatures, up to 300°C (572°F), to steam, humidity, and food acid. Stainless steel isn’t damaged by the cold, which allow the GN containers to be stored inside fridges or cold rooms.

Food kept within a stainless steel GN container can thus pass directly from storage in cold room to shelves or to cooking devices, without having to change the container. It is very convenient and hygienic. Finally, stainless steel offers a high resistance to shocks.