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Stainless steel covers for GN

Lids for GN containers stainless steel, with or without detachment for the spoon, and airtight lids.

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Stainless steel lids for GN containers 

The stainless steel lids for GN containers are in 18/10 stainless steel with electrolytic polishing which gives them a matt satin appearance. The lids in stainless steel are stackable and  require a small space for stocking. They offer high resistance to shocks. The size of the lids fit the GN standards, they are available in different standard size.


Covers adapted to professionnals catering’s needs 

Depending on the item, the lids in stainless steel for GN containers possess retractable handles which make it easy to transport. Some items also have notched edge for spoon. Airtight covers are also available.They  provide a perfect seal and allow restaurants and hotels to  preserve and transport the GN containers in a secure way. The stainless steel covers are adapted for storage in cold room.