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The range of essential spoons and forks for catering

At the heart of the catering industry, spoons and forks are essential utensils for any hotel and restaurant. But these equipments are not only about cutlery as we often think, professional spoons and forks for catering are also used as service tools. They are often present on self-service buffets, allowing customers to serve themselves in the dishes without difficulty.

In addition to being useful to customers, serving spoons and forks are also useful in the kitchen, for preparing dishes, serving sauces, measuring seasonings, etc.  Discover on Buffet-Plus a range of service spoons and forks for catering.

among the many available products, most have a special and very precise use, which allows them to be very efficient and convenient. Thus, they allow their users to save valuable time. With specific needs, you will necessarily find the right kitchen utensil among our selection.

Make the best choice regarding your needs :

  • Melon baller: These spoons, round and hollow, are very convenient to handle and use. They are used to make balls of fruit, vegetables, butter, ice cream, ... They are particularly recommended if you want to decorate your dishes with perfect fruit spheres for example. The professional melon baller spoons are made of stainless steel, which gives them a high strength and is dishwasher proof.
  • Salad and serving spoon: salad serving spoons are a must-have in the catering industry. It is particularly recommended to use them on a self-service buffet, to allow consumers to serve themselves freely and cleanly. On Buffet-Plus, salad serving spoons are available in stainless steel or SAN
  • Slotted serving spoons: suitable for serving many foods such as spaghetti, dishes in sauce and many others, this utensil is as useful on a buffet as it is in the kitchen. Made of stainless steel, these spoons are also perforated, which separates food from the water, oil or sauce in which it was cooked.
  • Measuring spoon: the stainless steel graduated spoons are ideal for cooks, professional or amateur, who wish to improve their skills by using precise and universal measurements. This stainless steel catering equipment will allow you to measure the seasonings of your dishes with the greatest precision.
  • Professional meat fork: The catering service fork is the perfect accessory to serve at the buffet or to use in a chafing dish. Thanks to its matt surface and curved handle, it meets practical and visual requirements. These stainless steel meat forks are also used in cooking, to ease food preparation.