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Kitchen spatulas, stainless steel and plastic for catering, flat spatulas, openwork, angled.

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What is the role of porfessionnal kitchen spatulas ?

In a restaurant or hotel, being fast in the kitchen is mandatory. To optimize the time of preparation for dishes, it is important to have the best and most adapted kitchen tools. Among its range of professional items and catering kitchen tools in stainless steel Buffet-Plus offers for example a wide selection of spatulas for cooking and kitchen.

Kitchen spatulas are usefull to return dishes in pans like meats and fishes during the preparation, to toast, roast or to fry pancakes. Spatulas are also usefull to clean pans, grills or kitchen worktops.

Among the range of professionals kitchen spatulas, discover, for example, triangle spatulas in stainless steel, especially designed for cleaning and scrubing pans and kitchen worktops.

Making the right choice of catering spatulas in stainless steel

To be more efficient, some catering equipments like kitchen spatulas in stainless steel are especially designed for only one specific type of use. To choose the most adapted item, it is important to know its precise function .

  • Grilling spatulas : Spatulas in stainless steel especially made for grill are very well adapted to the cooking of meats, for example for  revert the meat in the fry or the planchas. The spatula’s steel is resistant to heat up to 120°C ( 248°F) and the ergonomic handle in ABS has an anti-slip function.
  • Perforated spatulas : For dishes with sauces or oil, the perforated or slotted spatula in stainless steel is ideal. These spatulas are available in stainless steeland in plastics like nylon and fiberglass
  • Multifunction spatula : Whether it is in stainless steel or in platic, the spatula is a essential element in the kitchens of restaurants and hotels. The large spatula with flexible blade is ideal to reverse pancakes or meats. They are suitable for non-stick pots and fries.