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Spaghetti spoon

Spaghetti spoon, useful for determining the exact amount of pasta to cook per person.

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Why using a specific spoon for spaghettis ?

Spoons and forks are at the heart of the catering industry. They are not only used as cutlery, but also for serving dishes. An example of a spoon with a very specific use is the professional spaghetti spoon.

This kitchen spoon, in stainless steel or nylon polyamide and fiber glass, is especially dedicated to serving spaghetti pasta. It has many special features that make it essential in a professional catering establishment. Not only does it give a professional look to a dish of spaghetti pasta, but it is also useful for determining the exact amount of pasta to cook per person. What is the hole in the middle of the spaghetti spoon for? It is specially designed to measure the amount of raw pasta needed for one person.

Find the model adapted to your need

Several models of spaghetti spoons are available on the Buffet-Plus website, among which you will necessarily find the right utensil for you.

  • The stainless steel professional spaghetti serving spoon: this kitchen utensil for professionals of catering is perfectly suitable for non-stick pots and pans. In addition, with its hollow ergonomic handle, you can hang it up, which requires less space. Also provided with a hole in the center, the spaghetti spoons can also be used to dose pasta. In addition, stainless steel is a very strong material that is particularly resistant to extreme the temperatures we can find in restaurant’s or hotel’s kitchens.
  • Spaghetti serving spoon in nylon and fiber glass: this utensil is suitable for use in professional kitchens. Made of nylon polyamide and glass fiber, this spaghetti spoon is heat resistant up to 220°C. It has the same characteristics as all special spaghetti spoons, namely a hole in the center for dosing pasta, a returned end of the handle for hooking and teeth adapted to the service.