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Service boards and trays made of natural slate.

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Trays and displays in natural slate on Buffet-Plus

Buffet-Plus provides a wide range of plates made of slate, as well as trays and other displaying devices for buffet. Round or rectangle, with or without covers, choose the accessory that fit you, regarding the dimensiosn and the shape you need. Trays in natural slate on Buffet-Plus are delivered with non-slip feet, to ensure a comfortable use.

Why choosing slate crockery ? This material, as you have surely noticed, is particularly aesthetics and elegant. Indeed, slate is sophisticated and showcase your cooked dishes. Any chef can give vent to his imagination and create dashing presentations thanks to this crockery. But that’s not all. Indeed, slate has the ability to resist to brutal temperature variations. Thus, a warm dish will be able to be put on a slate tray with no risk of damage. On the other hand, slate also has an excellent capacity to maintain cold, to display sushis forexample.

Besides, it also offers the possiblitlty to write on it a message with chalk, which is why slate is so widely used in presentation. That is very convenient when organizing a buffer for example. Displays in natural slate is also compatible with a marquer with liquid chalk, available on Buffet-Plus. At last, as stale is a 100% natural material, it is perfecty healthy to use is kitchens. It doesn’t contain any chemicals, an important benefit.

Opt for slate imitation in melamine.

On Buffet-Plus, you will also find a wide range of melamine crockery perfectly imitating slate. Less costly, this crockery provides several advantages too. Melamine is particularly strong and resistant to shocks and scratches, which is not the case of natural slate. Beside, this material is very easy to clean. Unlike natural slate, melamine is dishwasher proof, which offers a significant time saving.

Whether it’s made natural or in melamine, slate has all to please. It will bring additional decoration on your tables and will give satisfaction to your customers, so indulge.