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Kitchen skimmers, stainless steel and plastic skimmers, for professionals catering.

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An essential tool for kitchen

Having a functional kitchen requires the right kitchen utensils. For catering professionals, Buffet-Plus offers a wide range of accessories and kitchen utensils suitable for restaurants and hotels. Discover for example the selection of professional skimmers, available on the site.

These products can be used in the kitchen to prepare food. The skimmer is a catering equipment in the shape of a large spoon, flat or hollow, perforated to allow the cooking water to drain from the dishes. It has a long handle and a clip at the end of the handle to hang with other catering kitchen utensils.

To optimize the space in your kitchen, discover also this storage tool for professionals; the melamine cutlery rest, unbreakable and convenient.

Which skimmer choosing ?

  • Catering skimmers in nylon and fiberglass: This professional quality catering equipment is suitable for non-stick pots and pans. Ideal for cooking food, it is heat resistant up to 220°C. An ergonomic hollow handle allows you to hang it up and save space in the kitchen. This device is ideal for restaurants and hotels.
  • Stainless steel skimmers: Available in matt, polished or shiny stainless steel, this stainless steel kitchen skimmer will help you prepare dishes. Stainless steel is an ideal material for catering because it is resistant to corrosion and humidity. In addition, thanks to the high resistance to shocks of this metal, your kitchen utensils are guaranteed to last a long time.
  • Frying skimmer/ kitchen spider: Especially designed for intensive use with fried food, this utensil is not identical to other skimmers. The spoon is not perforated with holes but is rather in the form of a fine stainless steel mesh. This grid allows thicker liquids such as cooking oil to be effectively filtered. This catering equipment is dishwasher proof.