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Catering professionals offering cocktails need the necessary accessories to make these drinks. On Buffet Plus, find the cocktail bartender equipment that suits your needs, discover for example the range of stainless steel cocktail shakers.

The secret, for a well made cocktail, lies in the mixture of the different ingredients within it. As a result, the shaker is crucial. It consists of two parts, a mixing bowl and a glass bowl. Several models are available on Buffet Plus, allowing you to select the model that suits the use you want to make of it.

How does the professional shaker work ?

Professional cocktail shakers are made up of two separable parts. The first, a glass or container, is placed at the top of the shaker and is empty at the beginning of the process. The second part is the container in which the ingredients to be shaken are placed, more often called the mixing bowl. This container can be made of stainless steel, also of glass. On Buffet-Plus, discover our selection of professional stainless steel cocktail shakers. This metal will give your shaker a shiny or coppery appearance.

Stainless steel offers other advantages for professionals, for example, stainless steel equipment is dishwasher proof and products are stackable, saving space and time.

If you are looking for original and modern cocktail accessories that are also environmentally friendly, consider using coloured stainless steel and glass straws to complement stainless steel shakers and mugs.