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Serving board

Serving board, wood, or wood and slate.

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Serving boards : beautiful presentations for tastings and snacking 

The serving boards are perfect for presenting on tables and on buffets for cheese, tapas, appetizers or sweet snacks, as well as for all fast food preparations.

Among all sizes and different materials, the most common being the wooden serving boards which give them an authentic character, especially for presenting grilled dishes on the table. 

Wood and slate serving boards

Buffet Plus offers a range of wood, acacia wood or oiled olive wood serving boards, with a choice in shapes and sizes. Some have a notch which will allow you to position a fries basket, a bowl for sausage, or a cup if you present the coffee with pastries.

You can also opt for a bi-material wood and slate board, or a two-piece board, with a removable natural slate tray.