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Service trolley

Catering service trolley, stainless steel trolley for collectivity and hospitals.

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The catering service trolley

The catering service trolleys is an essential tool, aimed at facilitate the service, in room as well as in the kitchen and in bedrooms for hotels. It has a huge flexibility of usage. Buffet-Plus provides service trolleys of two or three levels, as well as trolleys with bars, perfect to store GN containersfor example. These accessories have also a great resistance and have a load capacity up to 150kg per level.

In kitchen and during service, you need to save time. That is exactly what these trolleys offer, they help to clear tables rapidly, transport traysand other containers from kitchens to the room.

Convenient to use, the catering service trolley has casters and handles, which make it very handy. On Buffet-Plus, choose the trolley that fit your needs and expectations, regarding the number of levels and the sizes available.

The stainless steel trolley for collectivities and hospitals

In the area of collectivities and hospitals, the trolleys also have flexibility of usage: transportation, cleaning up, storage. It happens to be again, essential. The items available on Buffet-Plus are made of stainless steel, a very high quality material. Besides form being particularly resistant, it is easy to take care of. On the other hand, it avoids the multiplication of bacteria, an essential criterion for a usage in hospitals.

Stainless steel is not sensitive to huge shift in temperature, nor to corrosion. Thanks to their extreme maneuverability, it can even be use in emergency cases.

On Buffet-Plus, you will find item provided with a special coating, especially designed to absorb noise. On the other hand, the trolleys are delivered with one or more brakes, in order to secure their usage.

To choose wisely this material, you should be aware of the maximum load capacity of the trolleys (the weight in kg that it can carry). The product is delivered ready to assemble. It is easy and quick to assemble. For restaurants, hotels, collectivities or hospitals, trolleys are unavoidable; convenient, functional and multi-purpose, they will necessarily answer to your needs.