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Self service trays

Trays self, trays all formas and styles for CHR.

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Service trays, all sizes

Self-service trays are an essential catering equipment for retaurant, fast-foods or cafeterias. On Buffet-Plus, many sizes are available. Also, you can select the one that  fit your needs and expectations. Make your choice among the different colors available.

The products available on Buffet-Plus have the particularity to be resistant, recyclable and microwave proof. Handy, they are also covered with a natural rubber non-slip coat. The self-service trays are useful in selfs, fast-foods as well as in hotels and restaurants.

Among the trays available on Buffet-Plus, you will also find the cheese tray, declined in several models. Opt, fo example, for a wooden cutting board, a cheese curler are even glass covers, especially elegant and aesthetic.

No matter the way you wish to use the displaying trays for catering, you will find on Buffet-Plus the equipmentthat fit your needs, in the appropriate dimensions and color.

Self-service trays CHR

The self-service trays trays have the GN 1/1 size (53 x 32.5). These products are shatter-proof, recyclable, microwave and dishwasher proof. The trays have nature rubber non-slip coating.

The GN format are adapted to cafeterias, canteens, fast-foods. The other available sizes, 35x27 cm, 41x30,5 com and 45x35.5 cm are adapted to quick-serve food, hotels and restaurants.