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French fries scoops and scoops for flour and ice cubes.

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A multipurpose kitchen tool: catering scoops

Professional kitchen scoops are the ideal tool for catering.  These kitchen accessories can be used in kitchens for the preparation of dishes. For example, the alimentary scoop can be used to dose ingredients like flour or sugar.

Meanwhile, there main use is on self-service buffets. These catering tools are convenient to handle, which allows the customers of the buffet to use them easily, whit no risk of overthrowing food.  Serving scoops can be used to take ice cubes, or to serve cakes, pies, pastries, depending on the item you choose.

Choosing catering scoop regarding one’s needs

Cake and pie server: Serving scoop for cakes or pies slices are the perfect accessory to serve desserts on your restaurant’s or hotel’s buffet. Thanks to the mate surface and the curved handle, the catering scoops item for cakes answer to the aesthetics requirements, while being very convenient to use. Some items also own a serrated edge, and the scoop can be used as a knife, to cut slices of cakes and pies.

Ice scoop: The perforated polycarbonate ice scoop is often used on buffets in restaurants and hotels, to allow the customers to serve themselves ice cubes, for an ice dispenser of from an ice box. The perforation are ideals to pour the ice cubes in narrow glass, while not overthrowing the water. Easy to handle, ice scoops are available in stainless steel and polycarbonate.

Chips bagger: This kitchen tool is especially designed to prepare and serve chips; thus, it is adapted for any restaurant, hotel or fast food proposing chips to their customers. The wide scoop with a curved edge allows to hold the chips easily, to turn or move them. The handle is offset, to allow a better handling. Available at low price, this stainless steel catering chips bagger will allow you to save time while preparing chips.