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Round chafing dish

Round chafing dish, electric, induction, for professionals.

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Round chafing dish, which uses ?

The round chafing dish for professionals of catering is an equipment allowing to keep food at warm temperature, without cooking it. It is often used to facilitate the serving of sauces or soup. This device can also be used to keep warm cooked dishes that you wish to offer to your customers on your buffet.

The round chaffing dish, whether it is powered by induction or electricity, is ideal for restaurants  and hotels offering buffets, breakfast or any king of receptions.

How to choose one’s round chafing dish ?

Several types of powering can be considered:

  • The electric chafing dish: It is a secure device, as it doesn’t generates any flame. Thus, it reduces efficiently risks of fire. On the other hand, it has to be settled close to an electrical outlet and cannot be move during usage.
  • The induction chafing dish for professionals: In this case, the chafing dish requires to be put on an induction plate which will warm the food contain within, in order to maintain it at the right temperature. This device implies to use an additional accessoryand to be close to a electric outlet, as well as for the round electric chafing dish.
  • The round chafing dish with burners: These devices have a special place within, to put burners inside, under the tub. Various combustible can be used to lighten the burners, paste composed of ethanol for example, allowing many uses. This type of chafing dish offers more independancy than the electric or induction versions, because it doesn’t require any connection to outlets, nor usage of additional accessories. It can be moved according to the needs of the situation, which makes it very convenient.

The material used in round chafing dish is a equally important criterium. Professionals of catering may choose the round chafing dish in stainless steel available on Buffet-Plus, or the equipment made in polypropylene, a material that can bear warmth and is easy to clean.  

The choise of the lid is also important : removable, with support or roll-top, opt for the most convenient accessory, assuring to your client an comfortable experience.