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Roll top covers

Find all Roll Top food covers on Buffet Plus. Cheese covers, cakes covers, roll top covers for your Buffets. All shapes, sizes and sizes are proposed.

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Roll top covers


The roll top covers are available in round or gastronorm sizes, GN 1/1 and GN 1/2

They can fit on trays, cold buffets, but also on baskets that have a metal frame to ensure their setting.

The roll-top covers protect food of your trays and baskets, while allowing you to view its contents. Unlike standard covers and lids, there is no need to remove it for serving. It is an essential ally for your buffet and your restaurant !


Tilting cover


The roll-top cover is also called a tilting cover, because of its opening on one side, at 90 °.

It is sold with sets of cold buffet, baskets for the presentation of breads and pastries, but also individually.

There is also a GN 1/1 cover foldable, which can fit on the chafing dish, trays trays or baskets format GN 1/1.

On Buffet Plus you can also find a transparent curved cover, available in GN 1/1 format, either completely closed, or having a front or side opening.