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Polypropylene GN containers

Polypropylene clear Gn containers.

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What is a GN container ?

The GN container in polypropylene in an accessory that can be found in any professional kitchen of restaurants and hotels. Indeed, it is multipurpose and assures also the storage of food, their transportation, cooking and preparation. Buffet-Plus provides you with GN containers with adapted dimensions, matching the European norms. Since 1993, the dimensions of GN containers are standardized, allowing all professionals to use the same containers and assure a better organization.

If the GN container can be considered for multiple uses, it is functional and can easily be stored in shelves, trolleys or in cooling cells. This equipment is also recommended for any professional owning a refrigerated counter.

Convenient, the GN container in polypropylene available on Buffet-Plus is dishwasher proof, so very easy and fast to clean up. It is also microwave proof. You will appreciate its solidity: the polypropylene is indeed able to resist to extreme temperature, from -30°C to 75°C (-22 to 167°F). Thus, it is also adapted to storage in freezer. This material offers many advantages.


Why choosing a GN container in polypropylene for catering ?

Several materials can b used to build GN containers, for example stainless steel or polypropylene. If it is particularly resistant to extreme temperatures, it is also unbreakable, a significant advantage. It is easy to clean and adapted to alimentary use.

Thanks to polypropylene ‘s transparency, it is possible to know at any time the nature and remaining quantity of food inside the container, which again makes it very convenient. You will also appreciate it very light weight which makes the Gn container easy to handle without risking it to fall.

The accessories available on Buffet-Plus are easy to use, as they are grade in Litres. Besides, they are available in many several sizes. Thus, you will surely find the one that answer you needs.