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GN containers made of porcelain

GN containers made of porcelain for professionals catering.

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The porcelain GN tray for the kitchen is the example of the alliance between tradition and modernity


Porcelain is a traditional material in cooking, it reassures by its conservation and heat properties and its aesthetics. His qualities are well established. It is known that porcelain is more sensitive to shocks, sudden changes in temperature, and is more difficult to operate on great depths. Choosing porcelain gastro trays is to enter the field of tableware with the practical side of the GN sizes. In this, your porcelain tray will be perfectly suited to a table service or an indoor presentation.


Choice of porcelain GN containers

Buffet-Plus has selected for you a range of 5 GN porcelain containers in depth 65 mm for a volume capacity of 2 liters to 7 liters. Models 1/1, 1/2 and 1/3 can be completed by porcelain shelves of the same dimensions that will be useful for service or presentation. Choosing gastronorm containers Porcelain Buffet-plus, it is possible to use its tray at all temperatures, from the oven to cold storage.