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Melamine plates, plates for CHR.

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Plates at the center of catering

Whether to serve in room, to make preparations in kitchen or to display food on buffets, plates are the central element of catering.

On Buffet-Plus, plates are part of several collections. This allow the professionnals of catering and hotels to acquire complementary items, with the same design and look, like salad bowls or trays.

Among these plates, you will find all those differents items: flat plates, soup plates, squared, modern, old fashion, and a lot more. Those various designare adapted to contain appetizers, main dishes or dessert, regardeing their shape and size. Some items are especially designed for bar appetizers, cocktail, buffets or pastriy.

Plates out of melamine, stainless steel or slate

  • Stainless steel: Professional plates in stainless steel are rather adapted to the display of food on buffets.Indeed, stainless steel has the ability to retain cold, thus it is adapted to host refrigerated food. Beside, stainless steel is easy to clean, aesthetic, hygenic and resistant to shocks. It has already a place in professional catering and is a material to favor.
  • Slate: Particularly aesthetic, plates and board in natural slate are adapted to catering and hotels. They have the ability to retain heat and can be displayed warm to the customers when getting out of kitchens.
  • Melamine: Plates in melamine are a perfect alliance of solidity and lightness. Indeed, they are almost unbreakable. They perfectly imitate the looking of stone, concrete, wood or bamboo, which allows you to have original plates, with a convienent use.They will retain the heat and are easy to clean as they are dishwasher proof.