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Plate warmer

Electric or lights plate warmer.

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Professional plate warmer

Under this name we find different types of professional dish warmers : chafing dish, electric soup warmers, but also electric or candles warmers.

For professional catering, the temperature of the dishes served is essential and can make all the difference! That's why Buffet Plus offers you a choice of candle warmers or electric warmers that will supplement your chafing dish and soup warmers on your buffet.

You can also opt for a GN 1/1 aluminum hotplate with automatic temperature control; it maintains a constant temperature of the food.


Candle warmers and electric warmers 

A simple way to keep your dish warm and use the candle warmer. Available in stainless steel, aluminum, or glass, it will fit perfectly on all your buffets and it is also the ideal ally on a table. The dish warmer with thermo-resistant glass bowl is also offered with an accessory for flaming drinks. Suitable for baking, the bowl will then find its place to be directly presented on the table.

Buffet Plus offers an electric hotplate in GN 1/1 size, which can accommodate either a GN 1/1 dish or two GN 1/2 dishes, depending on the preparations you want to present on your buffet.

It will allow you to safely present foods maintained at a constant temperature. Quickly operational, it rises up to 75 ° C in approximatively 5 minutes !