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An essential tool for kitchens, the professional vegetables peeler

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An essential tool for kitchens, the professional vegetables peeler

To prepare a dish from vegetables, it is often necessary to peel them. For hotels and restaurants, the main issue is to find a kitchen tool allowing chef to peel easily and quickly the vegetables while peeling the less matter as possible from the skin of fruits and vegetables. To answer this need, Buffet-Plus offers to the professional of catering a wide range of peeler for vegetables and fruits.

Vegetables and fruits peeler allow the professional of catering to separate easily the skin of the food from their pulp, with the adapted kitchen tools. They may be used to cut zests or simply to pare the items, before they can be used in preparations.

Most of the peeling knives are especially designed for the peeling of one precise fruits or vegetable Having the right accessory for the right item will save time and enhance the precision, thus, it is essential to choose the item adapted to one’s needs.

Choosing the item adapted to one’s needs

  • The stainless steel peeler knife: This peeler for professionals of catering is a widely known item, used by all to peel vegetables and fruits. Its stainless steel blade makes this cutting tool particularly strong while its polyamide handle, adapted for left and right handed allows to use it easily and safely.
  • Peeler with swivel blade: the particularity of this peeling knife is its swivel stainless steel blade, made to adjust the cutting to the curves of vegetables and fruits like pears or zucchini. It allows to peel food more easily thanks to a screw on which the blade swivels.
  • Stainless steel asparagus peeler: this peeling knife in stainless steel allows to peel evenly asparagus. Besides, the blade is fixed on a screw, which can adapt to the thickness of cutting that you need.
  • Potato swivel peeler: this cutting kitchen tool allows you, according to your needs, whether to peel potatoes or to cut them slices. It owns one double stainless steel blade fixed on the handle in polyamide, that will prevent your hand from slipping. Also use as a vegetable grater, this stainless steel catering accessory will be useful to any restaurant or hotel.