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GN airtight lids

Hermetic cover for gastronorm trays GN 1/1 and GN 1/2.

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Airtight covers for GN containers 

There are two types of lids available, those in polyethylene and those in stainless steel. The type of cover dor a GN containers depends on the needs of hotels and restaurants, and often both are used.

For storage in cold room, airtight cover in stainless steel with silicone seal is more adapted and will enhance the conservation of products. For ax exposition in a buffet or a counter, a perfectly transparent airtight cover in polyethylene will be adapted and allow to have a look on the nature and quantity of the products.


The main assets of airtight covers 

Airtight covers for GN containers, in stainless steel or polyethylene, fit the gastronorms size standards and are dishwasher proof. They bear change in temperature from -40°C to +95°C (-40° – 203° F). The lids are stackable and therefore require a small space for storage. On Buffet-Plus you can find a larger offer of covers for GN containers.