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GN polycarbonate containers

Transparent and graduated polycarbonate GN containers.

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Clear GN containers

Polycarbonate is a solid quality, transparent material that gives your GN container the clear appearance, like glass of alloyed glass combined with the resisting aspect of a composite material.

Polycarbonate is shock resistant and can operate in temperatures ranging from -30 ° C to + 100 ° C. You can use it for storage or oven, and for a presentation cooled showcase. It will be used by all the professional people in the catering industry that do not use GN containers for cooking. You will also find in the same material, all covers and grids, which benefit from the same technical qualities.


GN transparent graduated tray

Buffet-Plus presents a wide range of gastronorm containers made of polycarbonate, with 4 depths from 65 to 200 mm, which allows you to have all capacities from 600 ml to 26 liters; in which you will necessarily find the one you need. All containers have a scale in liters, with direct reading, for a better control of your stock, and a better precision in the daily use. If you need the corresponding lid, it is no problem, Buffet-plus offers a polycarbonate lid, shock-resistant and for all GN sizes.

High quality, non-recycled raw materials that complies with food contact tests of EFSA, the European Food Safety Authority, migration under 60 times the legal limit. However, France banned the use of polycarbonate for polycarbonate products in contact with food.