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Pastry circles

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How to use a pastry circle ?

Pastry circle, also called mousse ring is an essential tool in pastry. It is use by the best bakers to frame preparations like cakes, in order to make sure they will keep a perfect shape during cooking.

Mousse rings or pastry rings are widely used in professional catering. These equipments are very easy to use; you need to put the circle inside a cake mould, the two parts need to be air tightly linked, pour then the pastry of the cake or mousse within the circle, after that you only need whether to oven it or keep it in cold just as usual. Once the cake is done, remove easily the pastry circle thanks to a pusher, to only keep you dessert. To clean your kitchen utensils, nothing is easier as the stainless steel equipments are dishwasher proof.

The different mousse moulds and rings, for every types of pastries

Pastry circles : Discover on Buffet-Plus the cake circle. Made of stailess steel, this adjustable cooking circle is partuclarly easy to use. This kitchen tool s used in pastry, to create cakes or mousses of several sizes. Easy to unmold, pastry circles in stainless steel ar perfectly adapted to professional catering. You will find several sizes available for stainless steel pastry circles, to adjust them to each of your pastry creations. These mousse mould are also delivered with a pusher. Equally made of stailess steel, this accessory will easy the unmolding of the cake.

The other cake moulds : Cakes and mousses are not always round, On self-service buffets fopr example, we often find cake with a rectangular shape, more adapted to mass restauration. To adapt to the needs of professionals, Buffet-Plus also offers pastry circles with diverse shapes, like rectangularor heart shaped.These original pastry circles in stainless steel are adjustable and they allow to create successful desserts for a important number of people. The mousse mould in stainless steel are seamless, to esure à perfect shape to your desserts.