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Paper baskets

Baskets made of paper for the table or the buffet.

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Bread baskets: to be used in the dining room or kitchen

Papermade bread baskets are designed for hotels offering breakfast buffets and restaurants who want to add decorative elements to their tables. Paper serving baskets are an innovative way to display bread and pastries at the table or on a buffet.

They give the room a more traditional and authentic look, while also having an obvious convenient aspect and use. Lightweight, easy to transport and foldable, they require little storage space.

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Paper bread baskets 

Paper bread baskets for restaurants and hotels come in the form of bags with a folded edge that can be placed on your table or buffet if you want a more authentic look. Depending on the model, the paper gives the product a kraft or leather texture. The baskets available are round, with diameters up to 30 cm, or oval.

Paper: these original baskets imitate leather perfectly. They are elegant, modern, but above all waterproof, which gives them a long life span. Some models can be washed at 30 degrees, while others do not require any special maintenance.

This accessory can also be placed on a self-service buffet for breakfast, lunch or dinner. As you can see, paper bread baskets are a must for you, catering professionals.