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Non stick GN container

Non-stick containers GN 1/1.

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What is a professional GN container ?

The non-sticking GN container is an essential equipment for professionals of catering. These accessories are multi-purpose. Indeed, they can be used for transportation of food and dishes as well as for cooking them. The material used to build them remains stable despite heat, and is very resistant to cold, as well as shift in temperature. Also, the non-sticking GN container for catering can be used to freezing of products. This professional equipment is also used in addition of chafing dishes.

On the other hand, the GN container is available in multiple dimensions, respecting the current European norms. These are settled in order to harmonize the work of all professional of catering. Thus, the containers can be exchanges easily when needed and can adjust to other cooking devices (oven, chafing dish …)

The GN 1/1 size is the standard format, although it exist also over format derived from this size, bigger and smaller. On Buffet-Plus, you will find a wide choice of GN container like for example the non-sticking device.

Why choosing the non-sticking GN container for catering ?

The GN container presented here has a non-sticking coat. Also, it is recommended for example for use in oven. As we mentioned before, this accessory can also be used for cooking dishes, not only for storing and presenting them. Thanks to the coating, food will not stick to the bottom of the container. Convenient, this catering equipment has to get a place in the kitchen of all the professional of catering.

The items available on Buffet-Plus is in stainless steel, a material massively used in catering. It is easy to clean up as it is dishwasher proof and avoid the multiplication of bacteria. Besides, it remains perfectly stable before high heat. Thanks to the high resistance to shocks of stainless steel, the container has a long life time. Thus, this product consists in a very reliable investment.

Convenient, the non-sticking GN containers are also stackable, which allows you to save time and space in the kitchen. Choose this professional equipment, it will provide you high quality service.