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Muddler and tongs

Muddlers and tongs, barman cocktail equipment.

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Stainless steel ice muddler and ice tongs

Catering professionals offering cocktails need the necessary accessories to make these drinks. On Buffet Plus, find the cocktail bartender equipment that suits your needs, discover for example the range of ice muddler, ice cubes and cocktail and ice tongs.

The equipment available is of high quality and will help bartenders in making cocktails or other drinks. They are ideal for restaurants and bars.

Choosing the right product according to your needs

  • Muddler: this professional cocktail equipment is presented in various materials. Made of wood for its aesthetic appearance, ABS for its strength, polycarbonate and even stainless steel. The ice masher or ice crusher is useful to prepare crushed ice, cocktails, crush fruit or breaking sugar into pieces.

On Buffet-Plus, the items are shaped as a large muddler with a smooth or star-shaped end to squeeze the fruit or break the sugar into pieces.

  • The tongs: You will also find the ergonomic ice cube tongs, which make it easier to prepare the various drinks you offer in your establishment. Stainless steel tongs are ideal for handling ice cubes or sliced fruit.

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