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Mixing spoon

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Which use for cocktail spoons ?

Offering delicious cocktail to one’s customers requires the adapted accessories. There are a lot existing, like for example, cocktail spoons. Many items are available on Buffet-Plus. For bar and cocktail spoons, different uses are possible. They can be used as a measuring spoon for the cocktail, they will then be used as a measuring spoon or tasting spoon for the cocktail. Still, professional cocktail spoons are most often used to mix drinks.

The most common use of the cocktail spoon being to mix alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, they will be in contact with consumers and must be as beautiful as they are convenient to use. Thanks to the large size of these products (40 cm), mixing your cocktail with a spoon becomes easier and cleaner.

Spoons to mix cocktails

  • Twisted Cocktail Spoon: On Buffet-Plus, you will find twisted spoons to mix cocktails, which give them a nicer look. They have a long handle which makes mixing easier. In addition, these products are made of stainless steel, a material that is widely used in the catering industry, thanks to its many advantages. It is a very shock-resistant metal, while remaining light and shiny. It will also provide corrosion resistance to cocktail mixing spoons. Finally, your products will be easy to maintain, since the stainless steel is dishwasher proof.
  • Cocktail spoon and fork: For the bartender, it is interesting to serve cocktails with a small side dish. Discover this multipurpose device, which allows you to mix the cocktail with the spoon or snack on the food served with it. The bar spoon with a fork at the other end allows you to use it two in one, which saves time and space.

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