Buffet material and equipement for restaurants, bars and hotels
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Metal stand

Metal stands for the display of bowls, salad bowls and trays on the buffet.

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Metal displays, laying out buffets


To lay out your buffet, discover a wide range of metal stand designed for buffets. They will be used by restaurateurs and hotelkeeper to display their buffet. They enable to design a new organization for the buffet by raising items to highlight them and give the possibility to adjust to the users.

You will find metal displays for buffets in different colors; golden, chromed or black. The displays alos offer a wide range of sizes and shapes. Among others, they will enable you to display fruits; condiments, cereals, dishes, bowls, baskets and cutleries.


Metal supports for Buffets


The metal displays for buffers are destined to be used in buffet, serving or for home organisations. They equipments out of metal are strong and easy to take care of, non-slipping, and adjustable, to adapt your buffet to your need and put forward the item you wish.

Buffet ladder in metal have GN dimensions and allow to present GN baskets and GN containers for self-service buffet.