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Metal baskets

Baskets made of metal for the buffet or the table.

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Bread or fruit  metallic baskets

To display products such as bread or pastries on a self-service buffet, metal bread baskets are a solution. Suitable for catering, these baskets have a less traditional look than wicker or cotton baskets, but are just as convenient.

Choosing catering metal baskets for service, can give to your breakfast buffet a modern look while enjoying quality products. Depending on your needs, these items can be used as bread baskets, fruit baskets, etc.

Among the wide range of metal service baskets available on Buffet-Plus, you will find several designs and several metal colours. For a bright and modern look, choose this equipment that is both aesthetic and practical.

Bread and fruit baskets of metal

Among Buffet-Plus' selection of metal baskets, you will find metal fruit bowls, bread baskets and other stainless steel items dedicated to catering professionals. Choose between full or open baskets, according to your needs but especially according to the products you will store in the baskets. Metal perforated fruit cups are also available.

Metal and shock-resistant material that ensures the strength of your product. In addition, stainless steel gives a shiny appearance to the baskets. Finally, stainless steel metal items are particularly easy to maintain as they are dishwasher safe.

Metal baskets can be used on buffets. To highlight your products, it is ideal to use modern and convenient metal stands, in addition to the baskets.