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Menu and labels holders

Menu holders and labels for catering.

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Why choose a card or labels holder ?

Card holders and labels are particularly useful in the catering industry, they can be used on a buffet, on a table or at the entrance of a restaurant or hotel. The label holders available on Buffet-Plus have different displaying systems and designs.

There are products with clamps, which can be hung on the edge of salad bowls, GN trays or jugs. Larger, the card holders can be used to display menus on tables or as a support for other products, for buffet presentations.

The card and labels holders for catering allow you to customize your tables while keeping a practical dimension, since they are essential on buffets and racks.

Which model to choose?

If you are looking to label dishes so that your customers can identify them, you have two options; either choose a label holder that can be hung directly on your containers, such as clip label holders, in chrome steel, transparent acrilic or in polycarbon. even more resistant 

The second solution is to place your labels on racks, on the buffet, in front of the dishes, or on the table to present the menu. In this case, it is better to choose the support label holders, in which you can insert  buffet labels in slate for example, to guarantee the aesthetics of your buffet. Discover here the markers that allow you to write a message on natural slate labels.

The menu holders are also available in several sizes and colours, to suit your needs as a catering professional.