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Buffet & Tabletop Melamin

Melamine tableware, wood look, slate look, porcelain look, mineral appearance for catering. The magic of melamine in the multitude of its appearances: mineral, wood, slate, porcelain, colors ... Choice of bowls, plates, cups, salad bowls, and trays in melamine.

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On Buffet-Plus, discover crockery in melamine for catering professionals, that will bring an additional piece of decoration to your table. Melamine is a material offering mant advantages, choose the wooden aspect, slate imitation, porcelain or mineral, for your plate, bowls, mugs or trays.

Crockery in melamine available on Buffet-Plus

On Buffet-Plus, you can find a wide range of melamine crockery and tableware. Also, you will find the catering accessories adapted to your needs.

  • Plates  and trays: round or squared, flat or hollow, they are available in many colours and sizes. You will easily find the material adapted to your hotel or restaurant
  • Bowls: The models of Buffet-Plus are various and can adapt to all use that you wish
  • Accessories: pastry pedestals in melamine, cutlery, pie dishes, sushi trays, ashtrays, opt for the accessories in melamine to improve the service and the decoration of your restaurant.
  • Mugs: Porpose to your customers high quality coffee mugs in melamine, available on Buffet-Plus.

The advantages of melamine for professional crockery

Melamine is a material consisting of a panel of particles, on which is fixed a décor, thanks to a melamine resin. This décor can for example imitate wood, slate or porcelain. Why choosing melamine crockery? The main reasons would be its several advantages:

  • Solidity: as you well know, crockery tends to be mistreated in the kitchens of a restaurant. Also, by choosing the material, you are assured with a great resistance and solidity of your catering equipments.
  • Affordable cost: aesthetique and resistant, melamine is nevertheless affordable. Indeed, its price is way more attractive than porcelain’s or glass’s.
  • Easy to clean: The cleaning of the melamine crockery in catering is particularly easy. Besides, plates, bowls, trays and other accessories available on buffet-Plus are dishwasher proof, which offers you significant time saving.
  • A huge variety of styles: Indeed, thanks to melamine, it is possible to enjoy crockery set with different looks, like wood, porcelain, slate or mineral for catering. Also, you will find easily the accessory, plate or tray, which matches your table decoration, thanks to the multiple looks available.