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Main materials

This page groups together all the main materials used in the manufacture of equipment suitable for professional use.

Melamine: mainly for melamine tableware, bowls, salad bowls, plates, dishes and trays, but also used for gastro trays, ashtrays, tasting or serving spoons, buffet stands, sauce pots and cutlery trays... The advantage of melamine: above all the diversity of aspects and the originality of the patterns! But also almost unbreakable items. Operating temperature approx. -30° C to + 70° C.

Metal: trays, ashtrays, gastro trays, candleholders, baskets and buffet stands, serving dishes and trays, pans, bottle and bucket holders, towel racks, displays, vases... The properties are different depending on the metal used.

Wood: wooden boards, trays and boxes, table caddy, cereal or fruit juice dispensers with wooden base, pepper and salt mills, displays... Wood always brings a touch of authenticity, it often has a natural look and can also be wenge or mahogany.

Glass: carafes and pitchers, glass bowls, glass jars and jars, but also ashtrays, trays, cake stands, menages, shakers, verrines, sugar bowls...

Porcelain: trays, gastro trays, sauce pot, milk dispensers, butter dish... Porcelain is elegant and withstands temperatures up to 220°C. 

Concrete: a trendy material that has entered the world of the kitchen and professional catering. Concrete brings a modern and original touch to your buffets and on tables.

Slate: trays, labels, salad bowls and displays. Slate is a natural material that is particularly aesthetic and elegant; moreover, it may withstand sudden temperature variations (you can put a hot dish on it!), slate also ensures excellent cold retention.

Stainless steel: crockery, gastro trays, chafing dishes, accessories, carafes... there are many articles made of this material with many advantages: it resists up to 300°C, withstands temperature variations, is dishwasher-safe, very hygienic, and is resistant to shocks.