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Plates: elegant, they will enhance your tables

The plate in an essential of the catering equipments. If its main purpose is practical, it also has to be part of the decoration of your table and to have a significant impact on the experiment of each customer. Buffet-Plus provides you with deep, round or rectangular plates, in diverse colors and materials. You will necessarily find here the design that perfectly matches the atmosphere of your restaurant or hotel.  

Most of the plates or adapted for a professional use, as they are dishwasher proof and stackable, in order to allow you to save time and place.

On Buffet-Plus, discover a wide range of bowls and salad bowls, as well a wide choice of enameled crockery: ramekin, cups, bowls or deep plates are among the trendy containers available that will adjust to a wide variety of dishes. Choose your professional crockery set on Buffet-Plus and enjoy high quality equipments.

Discover the essential of table

If the tableware of your establishment has to be chosen carefully, other accessories can be added to it: decorative, the also bring comfort to your customers. That is the case, for example, of table runners and sets, which will help you to finish your decoration. Made of PVC or natural bamboo, they are easy to clean and very aesthetic.

Buffet-Plus has also selected a wide range of pitchers, shakers, salt and sugar dispensers, that will take place on your tables. Opt for one of the condiment holder available; table caddies, wooden boxes or oil carafes will embellish your tables for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Candle holders will also bring warmth and will allow you to create a special atmosphere within your room. For all of your events, opt for the card holder and label holder, essential in the organization of a lunch.

Buffet-Plus also provides you with functional accessories, adapted to self-service buffet such as bread and fruit baskets, as well as cutlery holders in stainless steel, cotton, braided polypropylene and opt for the product that fulfill your needs.