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The kitchen ladle, an essential accessory in catering

To optimize space and time in your professional catering kitchen, you need the most suitable professional kitchen utensils for the catering industry. Buffet-Plus offers a wide range of CHR kitchen utensils to meet your needs. Discover for example the professional kitchen ladles available on our website.

Ladles are an essential cooking tool in the catering industry. They can be used to dose food and are also suitable for serving liquid dishes such as soups, pastries, sauces, and so on according to your needs.

There are many specific uses for this utensil, such as pancake ladles or frying ladles.  But the ladles can also be used on self-service buffets, allowing customers to serve themselves liquid dishes or sauces.

Which Items are available on Buffet-Plus ?

  • The stainless steel ladle: this ladle is the perfect accessory to serve on buffets. Practical and easy to handle, it can be used without risk by customers. Thanks to its matt surface and curved handle, it meets practical and visual requirements. In addition, stainless steel is a very shock-resistant material, it will not fear falls, possible during intensive use by non-professionals.
  • The ladle in stainless steel and the handle in ABS: the STOP-function prevents ladles from slipping into the container, this catering utensil will also be useful in the kitchen.
  • Ladle made of nylon polyamide and fiberglass: this utensil is heat resistant up to 220°C. Its professional quality makes it the perfect tool for restaurant and hotel kitchens. The ladle is suitable for non-stick pots and pans. It is provided with an ergonomic hollow handle or with an overturned handle to hang on a support.