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Kitchen tools

Professional kitchen utensils: the right tools to work in the kitchen and succeed in all your meals and culinary preparations. Cooking, preparing, they are more than just kitchen accessories: they are used for preparing, cooking, and even serving dishes, whether for meat, vegetables, or pastries. These products will be useful in the kitchen of a professional as well as at private home! For cutting vegetables, for preparing pastry, or meals, pasta, pizza (pans, rollers, dough cutters), for cutting fruit and vegetables, but also products for the presentation and storage of your ingredients. Make your choice of curved spatula, rigid spatula, skimmer, whisk, tongs and other stainless steel utensils. See also our GN trays section, very useful for food cooking and storage. Approved for food contact. Cook like a chef with all the tools at your disposal. Think about the GN containers which are essential in the kitchen for the storage and cooking, to be found in our dedicated section, where you will find a large choice of stainless steel GN containers and trays but also made of other materials.

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On Buffet-Plus, the essential equipments for porfessionnals of catering is availabble. Find, among a wide range of products, a selection of kitchen tools for catering that will fulfilled your needs for cooking, baking and organize your kitchen in the best conditions.

The kitchen accessories on Buffet-Plus

  • Preparation tools: to succeed all your dishes, numerous tools for professionnals kitchen are necessary. Thus, on Buffet-Plus, you will find melon ballers, salad and dressing spoons, spaghetti servers or slooted service spoons that will save you time for all your preparations. Among the preparation tools, make your choice between skimmers, ladles, tongs and scoops, as well as accessories for barbecue and plancha. Of course, you may choose among several kitchen knives, essential for all the professionals of catering in hotels and restaurants.
  • Pastry tools: Pastry requires lot of precision, implying to acquire high quality raw materials, but also the appropriate equipments. On Buffet-Plus, whisks, spatulas, citrus zester, pastry bags and circles are available. Thanks to this wide selection, you will be able to realise all your pastry creations.
  • Kitchen accessories: To improve the working conditions and save time, investing in performing catering kitchen tools is essential. Discover on Buffet-Plus, containers to set the table, to hold plates, magnetic racks, boxes and glass jars, for storage and cooking of food. Iron pans are also availbale in several sizes, as well as all the tools necessary for the display of your dishes.

The best materials have been selected by Buffet-Plus

While choosing the materials available on Buffet-Plus, you will enjoy high quality accessories and kitchen tools. Indeed, only the best material have been selected.

  • Stainless steel: easy to clean, aesthetic and hygienic and resistant, stainless steel has already a important place in the area of professional catering kitchen toolos and in many hotels and restaurants.
  • Polypropylène: very affordable, this material is also extremely resistant. Non-toxique, it doesn’t suffer from shift in temperature. Besides, it is light and easy to handle.
  • Glass: recyclable, particularly hygienic and healthy, glass also present many advantage and fit inside professional kitchens. It is the main component of the jars available on Buffet-Plus.