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Kitchen knife

Small Professional Kitchen Knives

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Professional kitchen knives

In professional catering, knives are essential accessories. With long or short blade, flat or serrated, to cut, peel or sculpt with precision. The wide range of kitchen knives available on Buffet-Plus will fulfill the needs of restaurants and hotels.

Professional knives have a special design and shape, adapted to one precise task in kitchen. Thus, many different items exist, each one especially designed for one action, like for example, like the spread knife with flexible blade in stainless steel, or the bird’s peak paring knife with a special curved blade.

  • Decorating knife: with its serrated blade in stainless steel, this kitchen knife allows to cut thin slices of vegetables or fruits, to get for example crisps or alimentary decoration. Thanks to the knife’s blade, the slice obtain will have a special fluted shape. The thin slices obtained can also be used as decoration items on buffets. This kitchen tool can be used in kitchens of restaurants, hotels or hotel schools, where it can serve as a learning knife.
  • Oyster knife with guard: this catering tool allows to open easily oysters and is mandatory to any table proposing oysters. The guard allows to protect the user’s fingers when he will use the knife. The narrow long blade is in stainless steel, a material particularly strong, and widely used in catering. The handle of the oyster knife is in polyamide, an adhesive matter that will prevent from slipping, for an easy using.
  • Bird’s peak paring knife: especially useful to cut thin slices, this bird’s peak knife allows to create element of decoration made of fruits and vegetables rings. The main advantage of the bird’s peak knife is its very high precision of cutting. It is also easy to use, thanks to the polyamide handle, a non-slipping material.

Other food cutting tools

You will also find on Buffet-Plus some professional cutting items, which can be used either to divide fruits, to cut slices of pizzas, pies and a lot more. Discover for example the stainless steel pizza wheel cutter, with or without guard and the handle.

  • Fruits cutting devices in stainless steel: You will find on Buffet-Plus many devices, especially designed for fruits cutting like the apple or onion divider, allowing one to divide in one time an apple in eight quarters. Also, the apple corer or the tomato corer, which are catering accessories that allows to core fruits from their seeds and pulp in one knack.
  • The dough scrapper in stainless steel: This device, a flat and rigid blade fixe on a handle, allows in particular to cut or slice pastry dough. It is for example used for the making of pizza, pie, bread dough … This kitchen tool is multipurpose and will also be helpful to clean up the dishes and worktop after use.
  • Catering mandolin: This tool in particularly efficient to grate, cut or sculpt diverse food like vegetables, fruits, slices of cheese … The mandolin works with different commutable blades, each one allowing to grate of cut food with a precise shape. With its seven commutable blades in stainless steel, the mandolin will adapt to any of the catering professional’s needs. Besides, it owns a non-slip folding stand and can thus be easily displayed on self-service buffets as an original and convenient cutting tool.