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Juice and milk dispensers

Professional fruit juice dispensers, milk dispensers, beverage dispensers.

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Milk dispenser on Buffet-Plus : many design available

Juice dispenser is provided with a tank, a tap allowing a liquid to flow through, as well as a cooler. Buffet-Plus offers several items :

  • The juice dispenser: Items presented by Buffet-Plus have several sizes and offer an elegant and modern styles, which will bring a piece of decoration to your room. These devices are provided with coolers, aims at keeping the available drinks at the good temperature.
  • The milk dispensers : These devices are also provided with a cooling system, allowing you to offer to your customers fresh drinks at any time.
  • Professional multipurpose drink dispensers : Those are designed to maintain and present milk as well as fruit juice or any other drinks.
  • Duple dispensers :Those devices own tow tanks, both provided with a cooler. They are very practicle and allow to present two drinks.
  • Designed drink dispensers : Made specifically to store and serve fruit juice, milk or any other kind of drink, these accessories are not provided with coolers equipments.

Carefully selected materials

  • Stainless steel : Most of the professional drink dispensers available on Buffet-Plus contain stainless steel, a material that fits the catering area. Indeed, beside being especially aesthetic, stainless steel is also very hygienic. Easy to take care of, it also prevents from the multiplication of bacteria. Beside, it has high resistancy to high or low temperatures, and to shocks. 
  • Wood: wood, generally used to support professional fruit juice dispensers, is treated against humidity, to assure it the longest lifetime.
  • Porcelain : This material is present in professional fruit juice dispensers, beside being especially elegant, is 100% healthy. Porcelain doesn’t contain chemicals. As well as stainless steel, it is hygienic and easy clean.
  • The SAN: This thermoplastic material, widely used for its transparency, is strong. It is resistant to wide shift of temperature and assures excellent conservation despite being used with oil or fat matters.