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Jigger : an essential accessory to make cocktails

A delicious and well-prepared cocktail is above all a drink in which alcohol, syrup and/or lemonade are well balanced. To help the bartender to make this drink, the jigger is a must have. Several capacities are available in Buffet Plus for cocktail jiggers.

You will find, for example, cocktail measuring glasses for bartenders and catering professionals, or alcohol measuring glasses for cocktails. This equipment will allow you to measure the quantities of alcohol and syrup, to suceed your drinks.

The cocktail dispensers available are graduated, with measurements corresponding to the usual alcohol doses of cocktails, between 2 and 5 cl. They are adapted to the catering industry.

Why choose the Buffet-Plus cocktail measuring glass?

For stainless steel models, the dosing unit and jiggers have many advantages. First of all, stainless steel is a material that is particularly resistant to impact and corrosion. You are therefore ensuring that your graduated cocktail doser has a long life. Then, the stainless steel alcohol jiggers are easy to clean, as they are dishwasher proof. Finally, also enjoy the alcohol jiggers made of aged stainless steel, or with a coppery aspect, particularly aesthetic.

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