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Induction plates

Round or square induction plates for professionals catering.

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Hot plate for professional chafing dish

The round induction hotplate is the ideal complement for the bivalent chafing dish that has a stainless-steel frame to suit with it. It is then simply placed in the base. You have then a fast and continuous heat to maintain your food at the wished temperature thanks to the temperature variator.

There is also a heating plate for chafing dish with a spring whose dimensions are adapted to the standard fuel box openings, and whose spring allows full contact with the chafing dish.

For the induction chafing dish, you can equip yourself with a built-in induction stove that will fit perfectly into buffet piece of furniture, and on which you can place your induction chafing dish, your Bain Marie or your soup warmer !


Professional induction hot plate

Designed for catering professionals, the built-in induction plate will save you space on your worktop.

The round induction plate has a temperature setting from 60 ° C to 140 ° C. Depending on the chafing dish model, it fits either directly under it or in the stainless steel frame provided for this purpose.

You can also opt for a spring heating element, which is suitable for most chafing dish; the spring allows optimal contact with it and ensures constant heat.