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Induction GN containers

induction GN containers with ceramic coating, constant non-stick effect , GN 1/1, GN 1/2 and GN 2/3, and round induction container.

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The induction gastro containers

The induction gastro containers meet a need to be able to combine the advantages of gastronorm containers with the possibility of using them on induction stoves, mainly in chafing dishes, and thus allowing to enjoy the comfort and the precision of the induction without needing to change your food from container. To make the contact with induction technically possible, these containers are fitted with a 20 cm diameter encapsulated bottom that allows to place them directly in the chafing dish. You can save time by taking your food preparation from your cold-room or oven, or from your service trolley and placing it directly in the chafing dish in your dining room or on your hot buffet.

GN Induction tray or round induction tray “Indu”

Buffet-Plus induction gastro containers are made of cast aluminum with a ceramic coating, which is a particularly lightweight and resistant material, to both shock and temperature variations. These containers have a non-stick coating "non-stick Xeradur" developed by the Swiss company ILAG, which provides excellent non-stick performance, that will delay the drying of food beyond the time of serving. But this is not the only newness of these articles. The gastro containers of the Buffet-Plus range will also surprise you with their aesthetics. Indeed, the range comes in 3 colors ; white, black and a brand-new blue with most beautiful effect, and will allow you to appreciate at first glance this GN induction container from other GN trays of your kitchen. These containers exist in GN 1/1, GN 1/2 and GN 2/3 size, and also in a round size, diameter 38.5 cm that fits the round chafing dish we offer in our range. From now on, you will easily be able to fit all your induction chafing dishes with a GN or round non-stick container.