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Induction Chafing dish

Professional induction Chafing dish.

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Why choosing an induction chafing dish ?

Chafing dish is a device allowing to maintain any dish at warm temperature, as well as soup or sauces. It is usally compatible with GN containers, also available on Buffet-Plus.

There are several type of powering for chafing dish.Indeed, it can work whether with burners, electricity, or induction plate. It that last case, an induction plate will be place under the chafing dish, or directly in the tank, regarding the design on the item.

What are the reasons to choose this precise item ?

  • The speed of heating: induction chafing dish own a magnetized part which can have contact with the induction plate. The heat will be immediately spread, thus, there is no need to consider prehaet for example. The induction chafing dish offer a significant time saving.
  • A convenient device: Induction plates are functional and can be setted a different temperature. Also, whatever the quantity of food to keep warm, the chafing dish will be able to do it.Besides, induction plates are easy to clean up. On the other hand, they need to be connection to an outlet, thus, once connected, the chafing dish can’t be moved.
  • The professional induction chafing dish is secure: using induction do not produce any flame, thus tit reduce the risk of fire.

How to choose one’s incution chafing dish ?

  • The capacity: on Buffet-Plus, you will for sure find the induction chafing dish for professional use that answer to your needs.
  • The shape: The round chaffing dish are more adapted to keep warm soup or sauces. On the other hand, rectangular equipments are recommended for any other cooked dish.
  • The type of lid: You should favor hydraulic lids, as they represent an significant win of place and are very much easier to use. Customer only have to raise it and serve themselves.
  • Adjustable feet: essential, these accessories allow the chafing dish to adapt to any type of induction plate.