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Ice buckets

Ice and ice cubles buckets, ice cube containers.

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Why choose to use an ice bucket?

Among the many bar accessories available on Buffet-Plus, discover the ice buckets for catering professionals. Ice cube buckets can be used by bartenders, to store ice while waiting to use it, by restaurants with buffets, to refrigerate food or by hotels to allow guests to serve themselves in ice cubes with tongs.

Ice cube trays and crates preserve ice and prevent it from melting without the use of a freezer. They have an important practical aspect for catering professionals and allow customers to have ice cubes or fresh products at hand when they need them.

In addition to the ice buckets, you can use accessories such as scoops or ice tongs, also available on our website. To see all our solutions for catering professionals for self-service cold buffets, click here.

Choosing from the many items available                                                         

  • Stainless steel ice cube boxes: these equipments are more suitable for the presentation of refrigerated food on self-service buffets. They allow you to keep fresh products in the ice cubes, while remaining accessible to customers. For a perfect presentation, the cold buffet ice box can be placed in a wooden stand, particularly aesthetic and moisture-resistant.
  • Ice cube trays: Made of polypropylene, ice cubetrays for catering professionals will allow you to store ice cubes in a container with a lid, with a large capacity. They can be placed on a buffet or bar counter, the lid lifts up to allow ice cubes to set with tongs or shovels. Ice buckets also have a drip tray on which the ice is placed, which allows for better use.
  • Stainless steel airtight ice buckets: Equipped with an airtight and insulated double wall, this appliance is shaped like a bucket that you can place on a bar counter or on a buffet. It is ideal for serving small quantities of ice cubes or for storing bartender's utensils.

Thanks to its walls and lid, it will keep the ice cold, without the help of a freezer. You can also place it on an outdoor table, and enjoy ice cubes at your summer receptions. This equipment is particularly practical because it is stackable, requires little storage space and is easy to maintain because it is dishwasher proof.