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Hygiaphone plexiglass protection

Buffet Plus offers a choice of hygienic, plexiglass protective screens, with or without opening, to protect you and your customers from covid-19.

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The plexiglas hygiaphone, a separation to limit the transmission of the Covid-19 virus

Faced with the Covid-19 epidemic, you must be able to install protections to limit the possibility of virus transmission and secure your premises against health risks. The plexiglass hygiene screen is an ideal health screen to protect your employees in contact with customers, and to protect and reassure your customers. It is posed on a counter, a counter, a cash desk, an office, and protects in particular prostillons principal vectors of transmission of the viruses and microbes.

Plexiglas protective panels and windows

Buffet Plus offers you a choice of transparent and light plexiglass panels, windows and dividers which consist of two or three parts assembled without screws, nails or glue, with or without feet, and with or without opening. With opening, these panels secure the transfer of documents and objects between you and the client. Depending on the model, these plexiglass protective panes will allow you to make separations between customers or employees.

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