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Aluminium GN buffet tray Frostfire

Aluminium GN buffet tray Frostfire

Art. Nr. : 1350
Height: 3
Length: 53
Width: 32.5
weight: 1.99

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Black/silver cast aluminium buffet tray, Frostfire collection available in GN 1/1 (Art. 30500), GN 1/2 (Art. 30501), and GN 2/4 (Art. 30502) sizes. This rectangular tray is stackable and can withstand temperatures ranging from -30°C to +200°C. It features a non-slip coating, but please avoid using a knife on its surface.This tray is perfect for catering and presentation on buffet tables, as well as for service and presentation on restaurant tables.

Aluminium is an excellent conductor of heat and cold, and it releases them over an extended period. It is ideal for use with a thermal bridge on a buffet and in refrigerated display cases.

Additionally, in the Frostfire collection, we offer a square salad bowl in two sizes:

19 cm with a 1.5-L capacity and 25 cm with a 3.8-L capacity.

We also have a dressing pot that can also be used as a bottle cooler, Art. 36140.

We offer a round salad bowl in five different colours: beige/sand, red, green, black/silver, and black. The bowl has a diameter of 32.5 cm and a capacity of 3 L (Art. 30024, 30014, 30013, 30010, 30011).

We also offer a smaller round salad bowl with a diameter of 26.5 cm and a capacity of 1.9 L (Art. 30017, 30019, 30018, 30015, 30016).

Additionally, we have a buffet thermal bridge available (Art. 12266).

Unfortunately, we do not offer disposable trays.

If you are searching for a coloured tray, please take a look at our other buffet tray models made of different materials, such as melamine (plastic resin). These trays are suitable for serving and displaying on tables and buffets, and are available in various designs, patterns, colours (white, black, red, green, blue, brown, etc.), and lookks, including wood, slate, porcelain, stoneware, and terracotta. Some trays can also be fitted with a lid.

We offer buffet trays in various materials, including slate, stainless steel with different finishes (vintage, matt, shiny, mirror polished, etc.), as well as polypropylene and polyester. Our range includes self-service trays suitable for institutional catering, snack bars, and fast food outlets. These trays are designed to transport dishes, plates, cutlery, meals, and more.

Click on the product reference to view dimensions, descriptions, and other details.

Delivery times: product sent within 24 to 48 hours if available on stock, otherwise generally within 10 working days. Free delivery in metropolitan France from 300 euros Tax. Excl., or collection at our plant with an appointment (we do not have a retail shop).