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GN lids

Lids for gastro containers HORECA.

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The lid is the essential accessory for GN containers

 The lid is necessary for all users of GN trays who must leave food in the tray, between each use. This is particularly the case when the container is set in a counter, or used to store food in a storage room.

There are different types of lids and the choice depends on the use of the tray. For storage in a cold room or away from light, you will choose a stainless steel GN lid, for storage in a counter or a buffet, you choose a polycarbonate or polypropylene lid, perfectly transparent that allows to have a look at the nature and quantity of the product.


GN gastronorm lids

You will find on Buffet-Plus website lids for all GN sizes.

In the range of stainless-steel lids, you may choose the stainless-steel hermetic lid with silicone seal if you need a perfect seal. You can also choose lids with or without a notch for spoon when the tray is in counters for the service or the buffet.

In the range of transparent lids, you will find GN lids made of polypropylene or resistant polycarbonate.